Top Star Agent Chapter 3

"Who does he think he is? Just because he's acted in one more film than me and is a bit more famous? What's so great about that! Don't I want to act well too? It's not like I made those bloopers on purpose! And it's so hot even though I'm wearing so much. I've already apologized, what more does he want? Does he expect me to kneel and beg for his forgiveness?"

Xie Ruixin, dressed in ancient costume and weighed down by a heavy wig, paced back and forth irritably, fanning her face vigorously with a small fan.

He's not just a little more famous than you.

Assistant Xiao Wang thought to himself from the sidelines, but he dared not voice his thoughts aloud, knowing all too well the temper of this prima donna.

Someone handed her a cup of iced milk tea, "It's hot, have something cold to cool down."

Thirsty, Xie Ruixin didn't think twice before taking a sip of the milk tea, then she looked up curiously at the woman who handed her the drink, "Who are you?"

The woman, her long curly hair casually tied back, wore a light-colored dress with a cinched waist that accentuated her slender figure. Her hair volume and quality made Xie Ruixin, who had been struggling with hair loss, envious.

The woman's skin was pale, and she appeared to be in her mid-twenties, not as beautiful as Xie Ruixin but still quite attractive, with a pleasant demeanor. Xie Ruixin noted critically, also spotting the woman's Chanel shoes.

The woman smiled slightly, a dimple appearing on her left cheek, "Hello, I'm Xiang QingWei, Ling Jia Yi's agent."

Xie Ruixin, in a less than graceful manner, spat out her milk tea, a tapioca pearl shooting out of her mouth and rolling on the floor until it stopped at Xiang QingWei's feet.

She widened her eyes in shock, "You said you're who?"

"Xiang QingWei, Ling Jia Yi's agent," Xiang QingWei patiently repeated.

Xie Ruixin stared at her with a mix of bewilderment and wariness, "What do you want with me?"

"I'm here on behalf of Ling Jia Yi to apologize to you. Jia Yi knew he was wrong, but he was too proud to apologize in person, so I had to come instead. I hope you don't mind," Xiang QingWei said apologetically.

Xie Ruixin blinked, glancing subconsciously at her assistant, who was also stunned.

Xie Ruixin snorted, "So he's willing to act with me now?"

Xiang QingWei smiled, "Actually, it's not personal against you. He's just got a bit of a temper, and he's very serious about acting. Plus, the weather is too hot, so he lost his temper. Director Gou has also praised you, saying you have a natural aura and for a first-time actor, you've done remarkably well. If you calm down and study the script and your acting skills, you'll definitely do even better."

Having been disheartened for half a month, this was the first time Xie Ruixin heard someone compliment her. She was both surprised and somewhat skeptical, "Really?"

Xiang QingWei chuckled lightly, "Of course, why would I lie to you? Director Gou is a good director, but he's not very expressive and doesn't praise people easily."

Xiang QingWei's clear eyes sparkled with sincerity, somehow making her trustworthy.

Xie Ruixin became shy, "Well, today's incident wasn't entirely Ling Jia Yi's fault. I was at fault too. It was just too hot today, and I couldn't get into character. I was so anxious, and the more anxious I got, the worse I acted. After Ling Jia Yi criticized me, I couldn't help but argue with him."

Xiang QingWei responded, "I understand. Jia Yi also started as a newcomer. I was with him the whole time and know how hard he worked during filming. But now he's recognized for his efforts. I believe you can do it too."

Xie Ruixin was deeply moved. She had always been confident, but this past month, her confidence had been shattered by reality. She felt disliked on set, and viewed as someone who bought her way in.

She didn't care about their approval; she just wanted to prove them wrong by acting well. But things didn't go as planned, and now she was utterly lost, not knowing how to proceed.

Xiang QingWei's words were like a shot of adrenaline, making her feel alive again. This was the first time someone understood her situation and took the initiative to encourage her.

She had a natural aura!

In this industry, being told you have a "natural aura" is one of the highest compliments an actor can receive.

Xie Ruixin's spirits were instantly lifted.

Seeing Xie Ruixin brighten up after just a few words, Xiang QingWei found her somewhat endearing and said with a smile, "If you're not angry anymore, let's continue filming. They're all waiting for you."

Xie Ruixin was a bit shy and awkward as she said, "Thank you."

“Don’t mention it, go on over,” Xiang QingWei replied with a smile.

With a sweet smile, Xie Ruixin handed her milk tea and the small fan to her assistant, then, holding her skirt, she chirped, “I’m off to shoot!” She happily skipped away, but after a few steps, she suddenly stopped, unable to resist looking back at Xiang QingWei.

She stood there, smiling at her with a look that seemed to carry endless tolerance and encouragement. Xie Ruixin felt an inexplicable warmth on her face and flashed a bashful smile before turning and running off.

Xiao Wang, holding the milk tea in one hand and the small fan in the other, watched Xie Ruixin's retreating figure in stunned silence.

Was that all it took to cheer her up???

His gaze shifted to Xiang QingWei, filled with unconscious admiration.

Xiang QingWei gave him a slight smile, “Aren’t you going to follow her?”

Snapped out of his daze, Xiao Wang nodded at her and, still holding the milk tea and fan, hurried after her.

Since Xiang QingWei was already there, she decided to stay and watch them shoot for a while.

She brought over two cups of iced coffee, handed one to Director Gou, and sat down beside him.

“Thanks,” said Director Gou.

“No need to be so formal with me,” Xiang QingWei replied, taking a sip of his coffee and keeping his eyes on Ling Jia Yi and Xie Ruixin on the monitor.

It had to be said, the two of them together on screen were a sight to behold.

Ling Jia Yi, needless to say, was captivating with his refined yet heroic profile that one couldn’t look away from. Xie Ruixin’s face also stood up to the scrutiny of the camera, with almond-shaped eyes, a high nose, and cherry lips all set on a palm-sized face, both endearing and sassy.

After her talk with Xiang QingWei, Xie Ruixin was filled with confidence, her every gesture and smile brimming with vitality.

Watching Xie Ruixin on the monitor, Xiang QingWei thought that if it weren’t for the financial backer behind her, she would have liked to sign her to her company.

After watching for a while and seeing that they were getting into the groove, Xiang QingWei got up, greeted Director Gou, gave a few instructions to Xiao Dong and Xiao Mei, and left.

Ling Jia Yi finished his scene smoothly and instinctively looked towards the director, only to find the chair next to Director Gou empty; Xiang QingWei had already left.

Seeing that Ling Jia Yi was done and standing by for touch-ups, Xiao Mei immediately brought him water.

“Where’s Xiang QingWei?” Ling Jia Yi asked, taking a sip of water while his eyes searched for Xiang QingWei.

“WeiWei has already left,” Xiao Mei said.

Ling Jia Yi paused mid-drink, his face falling almost instantly: “Gone? When?”

The makeup artist’s hand trembled.

“Just… just now,” Xiao Mei’s voice faded, “just left five minutes ago…”

Ling Jia Yi fell silent with a cold expression.

As soon as Xiang QingWei got into the car, Ling Jia Yi’s call came through.

“Why didn’t you tell me before you left?”

From the tone of his voice, Xiang QingWei could imagine the sour expression on Ling Jia Yi’s face.

“I had something else to do, so I left early,” Xiang QingWei was used to Ling Jia Yi’s mood swings.

There was silence on the other end for three seconds, then the call ended.

As impolite as ever.

Xiang QingWei shook his head in resignation and dialed back.

On the other side.

Xiao Mei watched nervously as Ling Jia Yi, with a dark expression, hung up the phone, and then glanced at Xiao Dong with anxiety.

Xiao Dong returned a helpless look.

But Ling Jia Yi’s phone rang again soon after.

With a cold face, Ling Jia Yi glanced at the screen, saw the name “Xiang QingWei,” and humphed coldly. His beautiful eyes fixed on the phone without answering, just staring until the persistent ringing reached the fifth time. Then he slowly picked up, his tone impatient, “Hello, what?”

“Are you angry?” Xiang QingWei’s voice came through the phone, laced with laughter. When she wasn’t angry, her voice was especially gentle and pleasant to listen to.

Ling Jia Yi didn’t respond.

Xiang QingWei softened her tone, “I’m sorry, next time I leave, I’ll make sure to tell you, okay?”

In the year Xiang QingWei had been with Ling Jia Yi, she had developed infinite patience and had clearly understood his temper through countless arguments. If he got angry, all she had to do was stroke his fur the right way to calm him down.

Ling Jia Yi snorted coldly, “This month, we’ve only met three times, each not exceeding half an hour. This time, you left without even saying a word, you…”

The more Ling Jia Yi spoke, the more aggrieved he felt. Then, suddenly catching Xiao Mei’s somewhat strange gaze, he stiffened, realizing his words sounded awkward, and became uncomfortable himself. After a pause, he forcefully added, “What kind of agent are you?!”

Xiang QingWei, taken aback by his sudden outburst, paused on the other end.

“Forget it, I won’t talk about it anymore. I have to shoot, hanging up.” Ling Jia Yi said crisply and hung up the phone.

Xiang QingWei held the disconnected phone, somewhat bewildered.

Ling Jia Yi tossed his phone to Xiao Dong, coughed twice, and then, in an attempt to cover his embarrassment, said, “This Xiang QingWei, she doesn’t act like an agent at all. Cough, where’s the water? Give me a drink.”

Xiao Mei silently passed the water over.

Suddenly, Xiao Dong said, “WeiWei seemed to have gone on a date today.”

The water Ling Jia Yi had just sipped sprayed out instantly, and he sharply looked up at Xiao Dong, “What did you say?!”

Without much thought, Xiao Dong said, “When WeiWei arrived, a man in a suit drove her here, in an Audi.”

Xiao Mei, intrigued, asked, “Was that guy handsome?”

Xiao Dong replied, “I was a bit far, couldn’t see clearly, but from a distance, he looked quite handsome, and tall too.”

Xiao Mei responded with an “Oh,” sounding a bit excited, “No wonder WeiWei dressed up so nicely today! She was going on a date with her boyfriend.”

With a “crack,” Ling Jia Yi crushed the mineral water bottle in his hand.


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